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Luke Burgis

Book Excerpt

Understanding the systems of desire that influence what we want

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A blown-up business deal made me confront the mysterious forces behind what I thought I wanted

René Girard’s genius was directed to human nature, not math. But his insights are no less important than Einstein’s.

Making choices based on the desires of others is a part of human nature. But there are ways to counteract the force.

Illustration credit: Liana Finck

A new kind of agent could help creators navigate and negotiate a rapidly evolving landscape

‘Diogenes With Lantern at Market Square’ by Jan Victors (1619–1676)

Part I in a series on finding the human value in a technological world.

You might think that your desires are shaped mostly by your preferences. But in reality, we model them after others.

He’s on to the game…

Luke Burgis

Author of “WANTING: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life.” Find more at

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